Material and surface characterization

In exploratory CMP projects, post processing of polished surfaces is the most important step. Experimental parametric studies can be used to provide insight into the mechanism, and allow us to choose the most economical solution to an industrial problem. For example, to identify the suitability different slurries for specific processes, or to characterize the effect of heat treatment on to-be-polished samples, post processing of polished samples is necessary. microscope
PFTL Research Assistant(s):   Gagan Srivastava
Method(s) Employed:   Chemical mechanical polishing, Chemical etching, Optical microscopy, Optical profilometry, Scanning electron microscopy
Rig(s) and/or Software(s) Employed:   GnP Poli300 Polisher, Zygo New-View 7300 Optical Interferometer, Amscope 520T Microscope, Radwag XS220 Microbalance
Sponsor(s):   Antek Peripherals

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