Modeling Transfer Film Formation

In this study, three different approaches are proposed to predict the transfer film deposition process. Using the outputs from the volumetric fractional coverage's (VFC) model, the process of transfer film distribution on the asperities can be predicted. To validate the merit of each approach, the root mean square (RMS) values have been compared with the RMS values obtained from a profilometer after a test run on a slider-on-disk with pellet tribometer. The simulations show 3 different transfer film hypotheses numerically implemented within the VFC framework; Approach 3 is the best match to experiments.
Approach 1

Approach 2

Approach 3
PFTL Research Assistant(s):   Randyka Pudjoprawoto; Patrick S. M. Dougherty
Method(s) Employed:   slider-on-disk with pellet tribometry; in situ data acquisition, white-light interferometry
Rig(s) and/or Software(s) Employed:   In-house slider-on-disk with pellet tribometer, Zygo New-View 7300 Optical Interferometer
Sponsor(s):   NSF GRFP

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