Powder Flow Projects  
Powder flow
  1. Elucidating the Powder Flow Mechanics of Additive Manufacturing
  2. Dry and Lubricated Bit Cutter-on-Rock Tribometry (BCORT)
  3. Optical Characterization of Transfer Film Mechanics
  4. Deterministic Modeling of Two-Body Abrasive Wear and Friction Relationships
  5. Friction and Wear Control in the Artificial Hip Joint
  6. Mechanisms of Liquid Lubricant Enhancement using Powder Additives
  7. Electrically Conductive Solid Powder Lubrication
  8. Volumetric Fractional Coverage (VFC) Modelingl to Predict Transfer Film Lubrication and Coating Lifetime
  9. Numerical Modeling of Transfer Film Formation
  10. Tribological Performance of Mechanically Textured Solid Lubricant Reservoir Tribosystems