Slurry Flow Projects  
slurry flow
  1. Full-scale Multiphysics CMP Modeling
  2. Multi-scale Thermal Modeling of Mixed Lubrication Interfaces
  3. Industrial-scale CMP modeling
  4. Experiments in Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP)
  5. Material and Surface Characterization of Polished Surfaces
  6. Computational Modeling of Surface Texturing Effects
  7. Full-Scale, Multiphysics Tribology Modeling of Artificial Hip Joints
  8. Dry and Lubricated Bit Cutter-on-Rock Tribometry (BCORT)
  9. Mechanical Characterization of Microalgae
  10. Fundamental Research on Sealing Nuclear Reactor Coolant Pumps
  11. CMP aware design for manufacturability integrated circuits
  12. Multi-Scale Physics Based Modeling of CMP
  13. CMP aware design for manufacturability in Bit-Patterned Media
  14. Contamination of bearing interfaces and sliding contacts in mechanical tribosystems
  15. Multi-scale (single cutter and full bit) oil & gas drilling Simulations