Volumetric Fractional Coverage (VFC) Model to Predict Transfer Film Lubrication and Coating Lifetime

A new three-dimensional (3D) volumetric fractional coverage (VFC) modeling approach is introduced to describe thin film trransfer and depletion lubrication process in concert with more robust methods for calculating the wear coefficients at both pellet/ disk and slider/disk interfaces. The model outputs the volumetric fractional coverage of the transfer film and the friction coefficient at the interfaces. VFC modeling
PFTL Research Assistant(s):   Randyka Pudjoprawoto; Patrick S. M. Dougherty
Method(s) Employed:   slider-on-disk with pellet tribometry; in situ data acquisition,
Rig(s) and/or Software(s) Employed:   In-house slider-on-disk with pellet tribometer, Atomic force microscope

Sample Results:

model comparison

time constraints


Select PFTL References:

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